Great little compact but image quality / performance do not deserve the “enthusiast camera” label...

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Why no posted images?

Thanks for the min-review, but without any sample images, frankly it's all just talk.  There seems to be a handful of XZ-10 owners, and very few of them have posted any large-size images at all.  This more than anything else makes it hard for me to pull the plug on an XZ-10.  Even the P330 which has been out for the same amount of time as the XZ-10 has some images on Flickr, but other than a few useless indoor macro shots done in his room from the user Geekanoids, there are ZERO XZ-10 sample images.

And it just seems odd that you would take the time to write an XZ-10 review but your Gallery has no XZ-10 image samples to support the main points of your review.

Everybody has different standards for judging IQ.  This is why some well shot sample images are almost essential to any review or presentation about a given camera.

I have a folder of as many full-res XZ-10 images as I could find (DC Watch, and a Hungarian website, and a DPR user uploaded some), and I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of IQ.  The XZ-10 seems to perform best at close range, but some of the landscape images I've seen are fairly good quality wise.  ISO 100 with NR off seems a bit more noisy than 1/1.7" sensor cameras like the P7700 or S110, but colors and sharpness look decent.  But it's so hard to tell as there are hundreds of samples online from the Nikon and Canon, but very, very few from the XZ-10.  And it's not like nobody owns the XZ-10.  I know several XZ-10 owners, but they are just not posting images here or on Flickr, and virtually ALL of the review sites - PhotographyBlog, DPR, TechRadar, etc - don't have any XZ-10 samples.

Personally I need a compact and the XZ-10 is a beautiful camera, but if it's IQ is not at least slightly competitive with the Nikon P330 or S110, I'm going to have to pass.  But I would like the opportunity to judge some images from myself.  But this seems impossible online and no XZ-10 owners are actively posting images.  Thanks for the review, but a few full-sized images would go a long way.

Thanks, and happy shooting, Markus

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