Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

John Sheehy wrote:

Mike CH wrote:

Phew, thank you, Hans

For a moment I was getting a bit worried that I was the only one seeing the world that way!

There was a time when resolution was often described in lines or line pairs per millimeter.  Remember millimeter?  How confusing was that?

Yes, I do remember. No, I don't find it confusing. The problem comes when it is misrepresented or in the wrong context.

To use an analogy from somewhere else: it is quite obvious, isn't it, that a cars fuel consumption can be measured in square miles, yes?

IMO, the least-confused people are those who see the lens first, as an analog projection device with its own set of imperfections, the FOV determined by the sensor size, and then the imaging quality per unit of sensor area.  Every other way of looking at things can be extended from this, with a minimal amount of confusion.

Ehm, yes?!? So how do you get from there, in a minimal way, to a practical comparison of (whatever measure you favour of) resolution at same FOV?

And why not go there directly?

I see so many people chasing their own tales,

Yes, well some people do show canine behaviour. Does that mean that they are dogs?

starting from a position that fails to distinguish between relatives and absolutes.

Are you saying that there is no absolute measurement of resolution which can be used at the same FOV?

My practical interest is simple. Say I've taken an image with my current system of a given scene with a given composition, framing and FOV. Could I have gotten a better result IQ-wise (sharper, more detail, better colour rendition) with a different system? Measures which can't answer that question are of, at most, secondary interest to.

Regards, Mike

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Wait and see...

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