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First summary, not yet conclusion ...

My experiment was not to compare one against the other, I already had my IR carts and to use them or not use them, that was the question .... Not using them meaning getting rid of more cash.

I can only compare what I now actually know of the IR carts having carried an autopsy on one and from what has been said / shown on-line about the 80 ml refillable carts. So what have I got so far :

1) Modified IR / InkJetCarts carts, reduced length:


  • True 80 ml useful capacity (measured)
  • Very good ink valve almost identical to oem
  • Nice one way air filter preventing ink back flow into printer pressurizing system
  • Sturdy build with one thick wall only 
  • Clearly visible ink level
  • Large refill plug easy to fill and manipulate
  • No piggy back chips and resets maintenance cart too, no need of an additional resetter  


  • Work involved
  • Still protrudes but no need to remove/rework the printer cover
  • Chip reset procedure not so user friendly
  • More expensive (but I already had mine ... )

2) Modified 80 ml Inkjetmall / IJF / ..., with top fill modification:


  • Less work involved
  • Do not protrude, printer cover can be closed
  • Chips show always full and no need to remove them to reset the chip
  • Cheaper (unless one has to buy the oem chips too)


  • Multiple thin walls to drill thru, less long term reliability ?
  • Need for additional fill hole plugs, reliability after multiple reuse ?
  • Reset requires not empty oem chips to start with 
  • Requires additional maintenance chip resetter 
  • Possible carts locked due to chip protruding ( But see my post here : What really happens ...

Not drawbacks but questions:

  • As these carts are even smaller than my reduced ones, what is their actual useful capacity ?
  • How is their air pressure system ? 
  • What happens to it if filling to the top ?

If I wrote something wrong or forgot some points, please let me know.

Thanks for reading ....

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