test shoot with my X20

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Robert Eckerlin
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Re: toto435

Most of us would agree that getting a camera with these features and pricetag requires some basic understanding of photography and a little (often minor tweaks) to get good enough jpegs and RAWs.

Basic PP is easy and fast as well, Lightroom is very easy to use even for a novice at post like me. Elements I find a bit harder but can do more complex stuff.

I own a Nikon D5000 (that had even a higher price-tag, when including the price of a good zoom lens) ...and do very seldom need "minor tweaks" to get good jpegs.

The X20 has a considerable number of "Auto" Feautures ...and in 2013, as a future buyer of a Fujifilm X20, I was expecting that they would work correctly most of the time without the need of "minor tweaks" (either in Elements, or Lightroom, or with camera settings).

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