Major Problems with Olympus OM-D-E-M5!

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Major Problems with Olympus OM-D-E-M5!


I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems to those I experienced with my brand new OMDEM5?  On vacation, I shot at Pinnacles National Monument in California, the first time I'd used my camera.

Issue #1:  I wanted to shoot some orange/yellow flowers in sharp focus against a blurred background of purple flowers.  I used manual mode and set the exposure to ISO 200, f/4, and 1/4000 with no exposure compensation.

The first image was completely black (it looked blue on the LCD at the time).  I took a second image and it was 90% black, but I could see flowers in the top-left corner of the image.  I freaked out and took a third image, and it was fine.

This repeated itself throughout the day, 3-4 times total:  first a black image, and then a good image.

Issue #2:  When I shot a mountain ridge from the valley floor, I could see on my computer (not at the time on location) a strange line outlining the ridge as if someone had traced the edge with a black pen.  Upon closer inspection, the color was green in one image and blue in another.  One another image, the line was thick and purple--clearly chromatic aberration/fringing.  The guy who sold me the camera said that it might have something to do with the fact that the sky was bright and the ridge was not (it was dusk when I shot), but I reject that because I've never had any problem like that before...ever.

Issue #3:  I noticed a possible problem with exposure.  I aimed the camera at the mountains, with the mountains taking up the whole frame, and got what I thought was a good exposure.  Because I was bracketing manually, I also shot a couple over-exposed and a couple under-exposed.  When I got home, the one with the "correct" exposure (no exposure compensation + histogram perfectly centered) looked way too light/underexposed, and the one that was 1/3-2/3 underexposed looked much better, closer to what I remember having seen at the time.  I sure hope there isn't an exposure issue, particularly at dusk (although there was plenty of light out).

Questions:  Has anyone had a similar experience?  If so, how did you resolve the issues?

I was SO looking forward to having this camera (I bought 3 lenses for it also!); I don't know what I'll do if it ends up being a dud.  Maybe Olympus will fix it or give me another to test out.  If I have the same issues, I have no idea what other system I'd move to.  I just sold my Canon 7D and a bunch of L lenses because the weight was hurting my wrist during handholding.  The OMDEM5 looked like it had great reviews, was light, and would be the perfect camera for me.


I would appreciate any and all feedback from the Olympus community!

Thank you!


the black first image

the nearly black second image

green-blue fringing

purple fringing/CA on the left side of the image

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