Do the NEX's suffer 'aperture dance'?

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Re: Do the NEX's suffer 'aperture dance'?

paulcraig wrote:

Do a search for SAB (sticky aperture blades) and you'll see it was all too common on early X100s. Later models don't seem to have the issue, being those with serial numbers starting with 21-or later. Fujifilm is repairing these cameras for this issue even out of warranty-give it a shot.

You'll love the X100. It's quirky and has lots of personality. While I have an NEX-7 that I love for its capability, the X100 is the only camera that always goes with me, and that I can always depend on to get the shot the first time. That camera is magic.

Edit: I also wanted to add that you *really* need to get a fast SDXC card, of the UHS-1 variety, to get the most out of the X100. I'm using a 95MB/sec card and continuous shooting is not an issue. Your issue with continuous shooting sounds like my camera with a slow SDHC card. This camera really needs a fast card and will take full advantage of it.

Thanks for reply. My X100 has had a new shutter assembly to fix SAB. My issue is with the delay caused by the aperture resetting each time you take your finger off the button - causing a half second delay to the exposure. Its worse if you keep the shutter half-pressed in anticipation of the next shot - it does not take the photo instantly. All X100 cameras have this behavior - check yours - it will too. The new X100s doesn't do this, however. I think I need a NEX 6 or RX1.

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