Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

schmegg wrote:

If those are 100% crops then I suggest that the difference is trivial unless you intend to produce extremely large final output.

BTW - it's quite obvious you've sharpened the D800 fairly aggressively.

Yes - the D800E and the 5D III need more sharpening then the 5D II (to my experience) and that's nothing to worry about. Different camera plus lens combinations need different sharpening and correction before the final output is optimized. Fortunately workflow tools like LR or Capture one offer a very fine set of tools to do that.

I may repeat myself here but at low ISOs neither the 5D III nor the D800E produce files that are significantly perceivable better prints at sizes I normally produce (24x36 inches is a normal print size for me)

That said cropping is a nice thing and if you are able crop a bit more then the extra pixel count will surly help a lot.

Is Canon behind Nikon in terms of sensor technology - oh sure - no discussion about that. Canon lacks a high res high DR sensor design. Is Canon out of the game - surely not. The differences are only in certain situations visible and if those situations are your daily work then there is no doubt that Nikon has the better offering for the sensor.

Unfortunately it is not that easy. Since the lens selection is quit different and IMHO the lens has the biggest influence from all components.

Canon has currently some lenses where I really believe not many companies will ever come close within the coming years or even decades. Yo may use them or not but if you do Nikon has a hard time to compete even with such a significantly better sensor.

But let's come back on the sharpening - I use for many lenses in LR a sharpening of 60 to 70 for my 5D II. For the 5D III I use some 80 for the very same lens and for the D800(E) I used a setting of some 100 to 120 for the same style of images to get a similar result.

Interestingly it is nearly impossible to judge the camera from the prints except you have a high dynamic range and then the nikon files are easily to be detected. But normally you won't see a big difference.

I hope Canon is not too concentrated on their Cinema activities and works also on new sensor designs for mass production but if it takes another two years - well - if the result is on the level of their latest lenses compare to other brands i would be extremely happy.

Until then I have fun using my 5D II and seeing the results I would say I may have a point here

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