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Re: Usung ETTR - Her Breasts are over exposed - When do you pull back?

Dale Buhanan wrote:

tvstaff wrote:

I used ETTR here and it overexposed above her breasts.  How much should you pull back in ETTR? As a rule? 1/3?

Yeah... in general society frowns on exposed breasts alright. 

But to be serious... you pull it back until it looks right to you.  Might be -.17, might be -.33, might be -.5.  But pull it back until you are happy with the results and it looks like you want it to look.

if it were my image and I were doing my post using LR, I'd strictly crank back the highlights and leave the rest of the image alone. It looks perfectly exposed, at least to me.  That should balance it out.

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