LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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photo perzon
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No. You get what you pay for. RX100 is much much better.

Mikedigi wrote:

Dunno, I don't have either, but these specs are intriguing:

LX7:       298g, 110x68x46mm, 1/1.7" (7.44x5.58mm) sensor, 10mp, 24-90mm efl.

RX100:   240g, 102x59x36mm, 1" (13.2x8.8mm) sensor, 20mp, 28-100mm efl.

One might say that the Sony's sensor area/weight ratio is impressive.


Much better.  I bought 4 LX7's now that the price is $ 299.

The pictures form the RX100 are much sharper.  The LX7 pictures are nowhere as sharp.

I kept buying LX7's as I felt there had to be something I missed.

No comparison.  Yes the LX7 will get the picture.  Yes it has a fast lens.

But Panasonic followers point out the LX3 and 5 were sharper.  I agree.   Also the bodies of the LX3 and 5 were better.  The LX7 feels cheaper.

Finally, the Sony has kept its astronomic price while the LX7 gets discounted to $ 299 all th etime.  Wonder why?  Is it because people are clueless?  No.  Its because they know they have to pay for performance.

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