X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

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Re: X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

NancyP wrote:

The XRite color passport program requires DNG input. I don't know whether you can get from X3F to DNG. The Spider colorchecker product doesn't require DNG input, will take .CR2 or .NX2 or whatever proprietary Bayer sensor RAW files, but doesn't support .X3F, apparently.

Just use a good gray card and zero within SPP? I am trying to understand this Sigma camera calibration conundrum as well, will be interested to see other responses.

I know that Adobe does a RAW to DNG to converter which I have used on SD9/SD10 files, so it should perhaps do SD14. However, it may not do SD15 or the subsequent Merrill X3Fs. The Adobe Labs site would tell you more. You'll need the Macbeth card to click in the profile editor for perfect results although you can also play with any DNG image to fiddle around with the colors (the end result is a profile .dcp, your image is not changed).

I once used it and the DNG profile Editor (both free) to re-create the infamous SD9 blue in a Nikon camera profile, just for grins.

Gray card should do it for WB I would have thought.

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