Nikkor 28-80mm "cheap lens" 3.3-5.6 G w/ Nikkon D800

Started Mar 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikkor 28-80mm "cheap lens" 3.3-5.6 G w/ Nikkon D800

I have been using this lens the past month and have compared its sharpness with a 24-70 Tamon ($1100 lens) and a 18-105 (currently the sharpest kit zoom lens?). The 24-70 was the best sharpness and contrast but the 28-80 comes close.

At short end, the lens is very sharp all around at f5.6, better than the 18-105 and very hard to tell the difference when compared with the 24-70. 28-80 had by far the worst distortion.

At mid, the center is still better than 18-105 but the edge sharpess takes a dive. So try to avoid 35mm to 50mm?

At long end, edge sharpness returns and sharpness out performs the 18-105.

Does anyone else find that the mid range of the 28-80 is softer?

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