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Re: Wow.. but good luck

Richard wrote:

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Hi again,

Well, i just bought new computer, i will not talk much about it because i paid a lot to get it, so i will accept any issues it

It is coming with Windows 8, the booting as all of you know is unbelievable  but i still want to go back to Windows 7, the laptop having SSD, but i am not sure on which port it is connected and also it has a 1TB drive [Toshiba 5400rpm], it seems the OS is on that drive and not on SSD, but the boot is crazy fast, i can't imagine how it will be with SSD then, later i may try to take out all the drives and put my Samsung from another old laptop for Windows 7, then one day i will add the SSD on this laptop to compliment it, 32GB Samsung but i don't know which model.

Now with this new laptop i have to relax and don't worry much about booting time that i was cazy idiot about, will check out with the other SSD + Win 7 and see how it performs.

Thanks all, i appreciate all the help.

If you have the money to just go buy a new computer because your old one does not boot fast, more power to you.

Just remember, windows 8 was designed to boot fast so it loads all the garbage after it comes up, there is a point of diminishing returns, and at that point, because you are loading less stuff at boot, there will be less of a performance increase adding an SSD..... just saying.

Having money to dump on laptop or not is not a big deal, i don't buy computers every 6 months or every 1 year as  some i know, so it is not a big harm to renew some of my oldies stuff.

The new laptop [HP] is really great, i will try yo use Windows 8 for a while then later will decide if i want to go back to Windows 7 or keep using win 8, i was thinking to buy another very cheap computer only to run Windows 8 and use this current one i have with Windows 7, and gave my old PC laptop to my daughters, this way they will never bother their mom's laptop and also they will not bother me with my laptop, but i will not rush yet to buy another computer if i don't want to use 2 laptops sometimes, if i feel happy with win 8 after a while then i will forget about going back to win 7.

Now i am confusing if i should replace the HDD on this new laptop with my SSD one, i don't know which SSD one inside this laptop but it seems it is cheapo one 32GB and to my surprise it is connected to SATAIII but they didn't install the OS on it, instead they installed the OS on HDD 1TB 5400 which is connected to SATAII, what an idiot thinking they are.

I still looking for building a desktop with high performance, but that may happen later after 5-7 months, maybe near the end of this year, all depends on what i am going to do, i still feel excited to go back to PC Games.

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