D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

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Re: Sports photographers WANT AF-C to change targets, rather than hunt.

This never happened in any of the shots I posted... as the red square shows, it didn't move to the eyeglasses frame...  and again, af-c is supposed to compensate for MY movement as well. I could possibly forgive 2 out of 10 OOF shots, but not 50 percent. Not to mention the fact that this is not just when the aperture is set to f1.4... I attempted to close down a bit to f2 or even f2.5... the accuracy was still not close to 90 percent. I don't know about you, but it seems like for other users AF-C  single focus point gets a large percentage of in focus shots for portraits.

If you get it working the way I've described then you should also be able to play around and see how difficult it may be to achieve critical focus on a human face with wide open apertures.  If you are not steady with the camera you can place the focus point over the eyeball.  But inadvertantly moving the camera for just an instant can put the AF spot over an eye brow or eyeglasses frame.  And when you do that the camera will obtain lock and you can now trip the shutter no matter what is in focus.
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