Does Aperture support the Fuji X100S?

Started Apr 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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David247 wrote:

jov95 wrote:

Hello all. I have one of the new iMacs and am thinking of going to Aperture or Lightroom. I am going to be picking up the new FujiX100S here soon and was wondering if Aperture supports it or not. I know Lightroom just had an update to add that camera. I was leaning towards Aperture for the lower cost and ease of use for a beginner. Thanks for any info.

Ignore those who don't actually check before speaking.

And ignore in particular those who think they know more when they actually know less. And those who fail to actually read and understand the answer they declare as being incorrect.

For the benefit of David here in bold the part he missed or did not understand:

"Aperture and iPhoto have never supported non-Bayer raw files (Foveon or X-Trans), so I wouldn't get your hopes up that Apple's next raw update suddenly provides X100S support."

One could forgive David for not knowing that the X-100s has an X-Trans, ie, a non-Bayer, sensor whereas the X-100 has a traditional Bayer sensor. But the answer in bold above should have given him pause to think.

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