Canon Rebel EOS XTi problems

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Re: Canon Rebel EOS XTi problems

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And another

Yes, I agree, something wrong with the blue channel.

Either something in the camera is defective, or something in the chip or transfer to the chip.

Since you mentioned the bent pin, it seems very likely that it's the contact to the chip that is wrong.

You can test the SD card itself by copying files to and from it in a card reader on the computer to make sure that is ok.

Are the images on the chip from after you sent the camera to repair?? (rather than before?) Just want to make sure it's from after.

If the chip is ok, then the camera has to be fixed.

The XTi uses CF Cards, not SD Cards.

Thanks for pointing that out. In a way it makes more sense then, since the CF card has a 16 pin bus, where it seems more likely only one data path is lost, while the SD is serial, so any transfer problems should result in a totally messed up file, or no transfer at all.

Actually, I downloaded the original now. Initially impression was as if just one channel is missing, because the red still seemed all there.

But when you look at the histogram of the picture, all colors are there, blue, green, red. Zooming in one sees just lots of pixels "missing". So, that is more consistent with just a data channel not transferring information.

The images don't transfer color information by channel to the memory card any more than they transfer by channel from the card to your PC. They hit the card as JPG image files (or RAW files) the same as you'd copy back and forth between devices.

Well, that's what I tried to say, it's NOT a single channel missing. It's pixels all over the place missing. And since the camera still could put images on the CF card, it's most likely that the actually image data is corrupted, so something could be wrong with the D0-D15 bus that transfers the data.

anyway, if the chip is ok, it's the camera that must be fixed.

Something is wrong inside the camera, not just a bent pin, and I'd say it might be more cost effective to upgrade to something newer.

no, the pin is not bent anymore, but in the course of repairing it, canon could have introduced a broken connection in the pin.

And Canon should repair it for free, their service was not right and usually is guaranteed.

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