Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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I've seen many an outstanding picture taken with a P&S and mediocre pictures taken with expensive FF. When composition and subject are done well, the quality (or lack thereof) becomes secondary if considered at all.

The most important is not the light, the lenses, the cameras or even the photographers (I'm semi-cheating when I say the photographers), it's access. You don't have access, you will not make the photos.

An emotional photo from a good subject will beat anything. Cameras, lenses, light..

Look at the just this week. The New York Times published a photo of Alex Rodriguez by Nick Laham a professional photographer taken with his iPhone/Instagram. He's a pro and send the images taken with a "real camera" and his iPhone. NYT chose the iPhone/Instagram because of the emotional impact.

"have access"....that is important for sure.

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