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Re: Sports photographers WANT AF-C to change targets, rather than hunt.

Um, I thought when the camera was set to focus-release, it will fire regarldess of whether focus was achieved?

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Given that AF-C is designed for moving targets (primarily sports), doesn't it make sense that AF-C would be designed to use adjacent AF points if the primary point lacks contrast?  I sure don't want it to hunt in such a case.  And remember that a sports photographer has trouble keeping a single point on a moving target 100% of the time.

I believe the camera is working properly for the intended use.

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Only if you tell the camera you want these points used (by choosing the 9, 21 or 51 points)! What's the point of having single-focus continuous focusing mode if the camera ignores the focus point and decides to focus on something elses?

While I would agree with you, it's a moot point.  In my testing the chosen AF spot will not move if you have chosen Focus release mode.  So everyone in this thread can debate until the cows come home about how it SHOULD work.  The only thing that matters is how it DOES work and that one understands how it works so you can adjust the camera accordingly.

If you don't want the AF spot to move then set the camera to single point mode and Focus release mode.  In my testing the chosen AF spot will not move when set this way.

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