New Aperture and New Lightroom this year.

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New Aperture and New Lightroom this year.

I have heard through several low-key channels and "quiet" exec statements that there will be a new Aperture this year.   Today though I got an unusual confirmation of that.

While I use Aperture as my primary photo management program I have also dabbled a bit with all the versions of Lightroom and was a public beta tester for the first two versions.   I have, but seldom use, a licensed version of Lightroom 3.  Tried the demo version of 4 as well.

I just received a "survey request" from a marketing firm that is doing research for Adobe.   (Sorry can't share a link, you have to be a current Lightroom user and be invited).

Towards the end of the survey which took around 20 minutes, they made the statement that "New versions of Lightroom and Aperture will be out this year, and which was I most likely to upgrade".    NOTE:  It specifically stated "will" not "might", and referenced Lightroom 5 and Aperture 4.

There was also something here that bothered me.  The entire survey was based upon the idea of "subscribing" not purchasing Lightroom.   They had basically the two programs, Lightroom and something called Lightroom Mobile and asked repeatedly different questions about subscribing to one or the other or both.  There were probably 12 or more questions re-asking the same question in different ways and combinations (subscribe to one but purchase the other) and at different price points or for different periods.

Now it is important to keep in mind, this was "market research" but it appears that Adobe is wanting to go to a subscription model instead of a purchase model.   Or in other words you would have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, and if you didn't maintain your subscription you would no longer be able to use Lightroom once it expired.   And they also seem to be pursuing this "mobile version" which would also be either a subscription or purchase.    It was only at the very end that there was an option offered for "purchase only", and I suspect only offered because I declined all subscription models.

It must be kept in mind that this appears to be an idea they are exploring, not a confirmation or commitment on Adobe's part to go to the "subscription" model (yet).   Still I find it worrying.

Guess I'll be sticking with Aperture for the time being and looking for the next version whenever it is released.

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