Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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EJ Fudd wrote:


Photography, It ain't the same old Art form it used to be..

I was thinking along the same lines. We seem to be spending so much time talking about gear specifications, we're not concentrating on improving our skills.

I've seen many an outstanding picture taken with a P&S and mediocre pictures taken with expensive FF. When composition and subject are done well, the quality (or lack thereof) becomes secondary if considered at all.

It's like when we read a good book. How often do we stop to parse every word the author uses, the font or page layout? We don't because the writer studied his craft so well, he/she managed to make those words disappear in favor of the story.

As photographers, we need to do the same. We need to make the technical specifications of the camera and lens disappear in favor of subject and composition.

Yes, good gear helps, because we don't want to limit ourselves. It should be considered less important, however, than striving for excellence in skill.

That said, as others have stated, changing from one brand of camera to another is in some ways like starting over. There's not only the cost involved, but also having to take the time to learn an entirely new system. It'd be like going from an Apple to a Microsoft PC and expect better results regardless of what we create with it.

Then again, if someone is completely unhappy with whatever brand they currently use, and cost is no consideration, by all means, jump ship.

Sermon over

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