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Re: Leica gets it. / AF.

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

They should make a Leica M with AF, but that is almost impossible, they had to make a new lens line. And give up on tradition.

Why should they adopt AF?

My point of view is still that manual focus is better than autofocus, => when it's very well implemented.

Leica traditionally implemented manual focus on their film cameras at the highest level: the Leicaflex SL & SL2 have the best focusing of any MF SLR ever (sorry Olympus OM-4 fans!), and the M series was at or near the top for RF focusing (won't get into the Contax vs. Leica or similar debates).

Personally, in 90% of situations, I'd gladly do without AF, =>IF MF was well implemented. Unfortunately, that isn't the case of m4/3 cameras so far, so AF is currently and unfortunately almost a necessity.

Sort of. My eyes are getting soft, so CDAF is much better than any MF for me. My days of microprism focusing spots are long gone.

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