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Re: fotodesign fuji-x100s-review

sgoldswo wrote:

pachura wrote:

Another review with heavily postprocessed pictures...

What's the problem with that exactly? Not everyone wants to look at test charts

Thank you!!  I never look at test charts.  Last few gallery shows I went to I didn't see any test chart shots.  I go to the Amon Carter in Ft Worth a lot because they have a huge permanent collection of photography and always have good shows.  No wall chart shots there either.  In fact I don't ever recall seeing a wall chart test shot in any museum.  Honestly I wonder sometimes if the a lot of people on this forum actually enjoy photography.  I guess I can understand some degree of gadget fascination.  Even I'm guilty of that sometimes.  However, my guess is from reading numerous blogs/reviews/et al of people who like the Fuji cameras I don't think it's about the test chart/which camera is sharpest type of fascination.  I would never recommend a Fuji camera to someone who thinks that the most important thing.  I have a Nikon FF camera and all the expensive G lenses.  Guess which cameras I use 90% of the time-  X Pro and X100S.  The Nikon mostly collects dust.  And I'm betting it fairs pretty well in the wall chart test dept.

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