Fujifilm X-series studio comparisons updated - my findings

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Fujifilm X-series studio comparisons updated - my findings

I checked the new results made with Adobe's latest final version of the converter and of the Lightroom engine by looking - as suggested - at the interactive studio tool.

I compared the X-Pro1 to the Nex 7 and to the Pentax K5 IIs (also no AA filterjust like the Fuji).

I looked at different ISO settings. At high settings one must compensate: ISO1600 on the NEX-7 has exactly the same aperture and shutter speed as ISO3200 on the Fuji - in other words, Fuji cheats by 1 full stop, but that was known, right?

Other than that: In terms of resolution the best in low ISO by a long shot is the Nex-7, then clearly the Pentax K5 IIs comes second, the X-E1/ X-Pro 1 is less sharp.

In case of the Nex-7 this is not very surprising because it shows that regardless of FF or  not FF, 24MP is just more than 16, and that shows clearly. However the Pentax K5 IIs apparently fulfills exactly the promises that Fuji makes with it's "X- Trans sensor". Funny, isn't it? In other words: Pentax seems to be able to really make the advantage visible that a non AA filter camera has better sharpness. The X-E1 doesn't show this.And even at high ISO the X-E1 doesn't pull away in terms of resolution. It just becomes visible that Fuji applies more NR to it's files. The Pentax seems (at ISO 3200) to be a third faster than the Fuji, Fuji file is cleaner, but much blurrier: look for example at the blue watch ("Thursday", 9 o'clock) - there is a dark line in the middle of the bright 5min markings which both, the NEX 7 and the Pentax clearly show, but which is virtually invisible in the Fuji shots.

Bottom of the line for me:

I still like my X-E1 for it's look, weight and useability (although it has a few annoying flaws), but in terms of IQ Fuji has made a lot of bold claims, to which the camera - in real world shots - cannot really live up to...

Just look a the studio tool - what is your conclusion?


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