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Steve Bingham wrote:

Robin, why not do a simple resampling using PS CS6? I routinely take 12mp images to 16" x 24" and they look VERY sharp. Maybe use Genuine Fractals if you can't resample with CS6 (or 3, or 4, or 5). Your Epson 7800 will love you for it - and yes. I agree, 240 ppi is a great way to go with the Epson. Remember when the D3x was THE camera? I have seen many stunning and huge pro prints fro this 24mp camera.

Hi Steve,

I do resample with CS6 before final sharpening. While it is a good technique, it does not replace resolution.

I've printed D100 6MP images, D2x and D700 12MP images, as well as D800E 36MP images at sizes up to 24x36" on the 7800. I am very familiar with what each is capable of producing.

Upscaling and sharpening will give the impression of a sharp in-focus image. However, there is a significant difference in the detail included.

A cousin came to visit a few days ago to help a mutual friend who had lost a husband. My cousin appreciates art, but does not know much about photography. Our friend is an artist who has worked in numerous media including painting, sculpture, and done some photography.

I was showing them some prints and the two things they commented on were the lighting and the detail. They were very impressed with both.

Ansel and Edward used 8x10 cameras for a reason.

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