Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: Hiking at night

MPA1 wrote:

Steve wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

I've never really understood why anyone would buy anything slower than 2.8.


I'd just wait until I could afford the good stuff rather than buying inferior products that were cheaper. Slow lenses are a waste of money IMV.

Most people are not educated enough to understand why they should save up for the better stuff. The guy in the camera store will say "it's take better pictures than the cheap lens", and the client will think "well, my friend has the same camera with the kit lens and i love his pictures".

It all comes down to priorities.. many people only have say, $500 to spend on toys, so they may opt for a 3d tv rather than a fast lens...

i know alot of dSLR people who came from point and shoots, who keep their cams on auto 100% of time. most of their shots are of static objects, in sunlight during the day where slow lenses are fine. So if that works for them, then fine and well..

People like you and i make different choices and thats ok !!!  (i remember buying a 1.8 50mm after  using my 18-200mm 5.6-most-of-the-time lens.. wow... only then did i appreciated fast lenses)

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