D600 vs D800

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Re: D600 vs D800

petholla wrote:

Hokkaido Jan wrote:

These posts always make me laugh.

It's obviously the OP's attempt to make himself feel better about his purchase.

Whats the point in threads like these? I thought a "Vs" "Battle" surely shouldn't be just one sided opinion?

D800 is a better camera simple as.

Is it for everyone? of course not.

I'm also struggling to choose between D600 and D800 and it does help me to see what other people think about the differences. Currently I have a D5100 and wanted to make my step into the FX world with a D600 but then I saw all the threads about the oil issues and started to look at the D800 too. So please do reply to these threads, I'm sure there are other people as well who find these posts useful.

You may feel the need to replace some of your lenses since their DX angles of view aren't the same when they're used with larger sensor FX cameras. The D600 and D800 by default switch to DX crop mode which give you images with the same fields of view as your D5100 so that can give you more time to upgrade your DX lenses or if you do much wide angle photography, to eventually add a wide angle FX lens. The D800 has an advantage here over the D600. In their DX crop modes the D800 produces 16mp images, about the same as your D5100 but the D600's DX images are only about 10mp. Whether 10mp would or wouldn't provide enough resolution to be a happy camper will be up to the individual photographer.

The D800 has a couple of extra crop modes that are missing on the D600, both using more of the sensor than its DX crop area. One is a 1.3x crop (vs. the 1.5x DX crop) which will give you 21mp images. Since this is smaller than the full FX sensor area, some of your lenses may produce images without the severe vignetting that you'd see using the entire FX sensor area. Some DX lenses zoom lenses have image circles that cover the entire FX sensor, at least over part of their zoom range. With the 1.3x crop area, the full coverage would extend over more of the zoom range.

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