Great little compact but image quality / performance do not deserve the “enthusiast camera” label...

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Re: question about responsiveness and buffering.

Alan Ernst wrote:

The small sensor / high pixel density really lets this camera down!  If Olympus had chosen to go with a 9 or 10 megapixel sensor rather than the 12 megapixels, image quality could be far superior.
Why do manufacturers keep cramming more pixels into a sensor than necessary. The XZ-10 has 75% higher pixel density than the Lumix LX7, putting it at a severe disadvantage.

Thank you for the review! Do you have any sample shots to share?

yeah... I agree that a lower pixel count would make sense. The fast lens advertises that it should be a better low light camera that's other compacts in its class, but the higher pixel count compromises that somewhat. Still, the high ISO samples I have seen don't look that bad at all for such a small 12mp sensor. Someone recently posted a 3200 sample that was totally acceptable for 4x6 print or sharing on Facebook.... perfectly fine for snapshots of kids, pets, and friends in my opinion.

The other issue I find with the XZ-10 is that it is not very responsive and performance is very sluggish; clearing the buffer takes about 1 – 4 seconds and you cannot zoom, change any settings or access the menu, while you wait for the images to be written to the SD card.

This concerns me a bit. The video reviews I've seen show the performance to be responsive and snappy: quick to autofocus, minimal (if any) shutter lag, and decent shot to shot times. Your review paints a different picture, so can you elaborate? Is it just the buffering that's an issue? And is it just after a series of burst shots or after a single shot? Do you see a performance difference depending on whether you shoot RAW, JPEG, RAW+JPEG, or with art filters? What card are you using, and did you format it in camera?

I am thinking about buying on of these for my wife. She wants a very compact camera that is somewhere between her iPhone and my OM-D. The XZ-10 looks almost ideal on paper... Especially the f/1.8 to 2.7 lens since she mostly wants to take snapshots of our toddler and baby in low light. She knows IQ will not be the same as my OM-D, but it I will be miles better than her iPhone

I'd say compact size and responsiveness in terms of AF and shutter lag are more important to her. She alo dislikes fiddly cameras with lots of controls. Otherwise I would just get her a EPM1 (cheapest option since i have m4/3 lenses she can use, but she won't go for lens changes) or XZ-2. The XZ-10 seems like a wonderful concept that might be great for a non-enthusiast like my wife. I also really like a lot about the design, but it does sound like it might be a first draft that leaves some room for improvement.


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