D600 vs D800

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Re: D600 vs D800

D600 is better camera out of these two for me. I have four reasons for that:

1) high-iso performance (on pixel level). The D600 is significantly better. Even the D700 is better than the D800. I know if you downsample images to 12mp, they look as good as the D700 if not better. However, last thing I want to do with these  36mp images is to down sample images to get the noise performance I am used to. I want these details and cropping freedom!

2) Huge files. Stitching panoramas/HDR images consisting of several 36mb RAWs or just editing in PS with more layers is just unmanageable for me. Processing D800 is just too slow, any side-jump from LR to PS or Nik Sharpener where you need to generate TIFF file is pain. No matter how fast your computer is and how much memory you have it won't be enough. The D800 produces 41 MB 14bit lossless compressed RAWs vs 29 MB files from D600 and 16MB files from D700. When you uncompress/decode them to TIFF, your are counting hundreds of megabytes. You might say your computer is faster than mine (I am using SSD, Core i5 Macbook Pro from 2011), however, I don't think it will be 260% faster  (it is shocking, but 260% is the filesize increase between D700 and D800). I believe 24mp of D600 is a sweet spot for now and I find the processing speed slower than 12 megapixels. but managable.

3) I found that 5fps is just the lowest acceptable framerate to get the nice birds in flight images I want to shoot. D800 stays below the line.

4) Several smaller things like being able  to use a cheap ML-L3 infrared remote vs over-designed wireless solutions on pro bodies, or awkward wired remotes, same format of memory cards in both slots, easy U1/U2 switch banks, etc.

While I would love to have D600 sensor in D800 body, I can live without that, but the above points are just too major for me.

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