D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

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Re: Again, I am using only one point for these

m_appeal wrote:

So how the hell are you supposed to pick the point that you want? If this is is normal behavior, why call this single-focus point mode if the camera will just do whatever the heck it wants

pixncolour wrote:

You're absolutely right GroWeb in decribing how the current AF-C S functions. I tested my D800E AF focus (AF-S and AF-C S) and I entirely agree with what you've observed. My D800E behaved the same way. Well, it's just the way the new AF-C S works -- unfortunately, some people may not agree on this peculiarity.

What is the release mode set to on your camera?  I have just tested my D800 in AF-C mode using single point, 9 point, and 21 point.  I put the center focus point on a featureless white wall with a picture hanging close by under one of the 9 or 21 outer points.  The results were reproducible every time.

If AF-C release mode is set to Release or Release+Focus the camera will choose one of the adjacent focus points, snap to focus and fire.  You can view the red focus box chosen in playback and clearly see that the focus point has moved from what I selected.  It will even move beyond the 9 points from what I observed.  It doesn't matter if you have set single, 9 point, or more.  The camera will lock onto an adjacent focus point if it finds nothing suitable under the chosen point and it will fire.

In AF-C mode if the camera is set to focus release mode and you have chosen 9 or 21 point mode it will again seek a suitable focus target outside of your selected focus spot and fire.

In AF-C mode with single point and the release mode set to Focus the camera will NOT fire unless it finds a suitable focus target under the chosen focus spot.  I could reliably reproduce this over and over again.

With the AF spot on the featureless white wall and the picture frame close by the camera will quickly lock on to "a target".  But the AF indicators in the lower left corner show the double triangle, not the green dot.  The shutter will not release.  I tried this test repeatedly with the same results every time.

If I focused the camera on a part of the white wall with nothing contrasty nearby then the focus hunted far and near and then gave up.  The shutter does not release.

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