"72 is the new 30"

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Some people DON'T get sick

Paljas wrote:

Brian D. Schneider wrote:

Bill Force wrote:

Bite my @ss STALKER, I forgot MORE than yopu will ever know. YOU NOTHING,

Alzheimer's is a terrible thing eh Bill?

Like blindness and deafness, dementia has quite a nice effect of softening the whole world around you as you face the challenges of age. That is of course for the unknowing sufferer.

The security of this often encourages the sufferer to exaggerate certain aspects of them self that their socialization would previously have suppressed.

And that's a fact. Eventually of course they drop dead anyway, but Bills post is one of the few that he's made that I agree with.

72 is the new thirty?

Well they're doctors and have better drugs to get high with than I do...


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