Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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The Nikon 7100 is incapable of doing what I use & bought my 7D for in the first place. 3 years later, Nikon still hasn't built an equal to the 7D. It also is a Nikon, which has a much less user-friendly interface in my experience than a Canon.

For those that think Canon's Q or service leaves something to be desired, go try Nikon's. And I'm speaking from a friend's experience w/$5-6000 bodies, including a NIB $6000 D4 where apparently the "paint guy" forgot to thoroughly spray the body. It had a nickel-sized bare metal spot just below the viewfinder. Wisely, wondering what ELSE Nikon forgot she returned it to B & H. My friend has likely bought $25,000 in Nikon gear, yet their response was she'd have to get back on the waiting list(she'd already waited several mths). I can only imagine how it is w/their "cheap" cameras. Nope, grass ain't greener on the other side from where I'm standing!



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