how to avoid shadows under the eyes using the bounce mode?

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Re: Make a diy white bounce fill card.

Yaamon wrote:

If you bounce the flash straight up and you are close to your subjects within 3 feet you will tend to get  to get that.

The 580ex+ has a white card that you can pull up and that will help with the eye shadow. You can cut a small piece of white card board type paper and use a rubber band to hold it on your 430 flash to create the fill.

I know about the card but I never bounce strait up. I reverse bounce. If I were to bounce up/forward I'd make sure the angle of the reflected light was no less than 90 degrees (or around there) and use the Black Foamie Thing. If I can help it I try to keep all spill from the flash off the subject. Reverse wastes a bit of light but is easier to work with.

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