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More lessons from on high?

rsn48 wrote:

I don't mind the posters who intellectually argue with you debating the various points pro and con, its the fools who call you a spammer that gets me.  Its a chronic problem here in dpreview, if some one says something not along the "chosen path" so often they are called spammers.  I've been active in all kinds of forums from running, photography, sail boating, model railroading, what have you, but none have the complainers accusing others of spamming like you get here.

Calling people idiots and fools because they don't follow your chosen path is hypocrisy. Something that has always been a trademark of the holier than thou posters in any forum. Just saying.

I replaced a $200 bathtub with a $1100 bathtub recently. While at it, I gutted and remodeled the entire bathroom. I didn't buy the kit bathroom. I spent real money and created something that functions and looks great. Did all the work myself and saved about $20K in labor.

My biggest problem right now is trying to figure out how to take a reasonably good set of photographs of the small space with a crappy 28-135 kit lens. What a PITA. Better get a book, or maybe try to use a 16-35L on a full frame body.

Just trying to keep the level of irrelevance as high as possible without using a car reference.

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