I modified a 38xx I-refill cartridge ...

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Re: I modified a 38xx I-refill cartridge ...

JJ Winkel wrote:

HotArt wrote:

This looks like a great idea.
Have you considered cutting the cartridge to the same size as the orginal, while using a smaller diam. fill hole & plug in order to be able to close the printer's cover completely?

Well cutting the cart to the same size as the OEM ones would have been like using the 80 ml refillable ones with only the benefit of the better valve, but then it would have been necessary to reduce the tube to the internal air filter and give up the nicer and larger refill plug too.

The small protrusion doesn't bother me really as long as I can almost close the cover to keep the carts shielded from direct sunlight, and it is nice to see the ink levels at a glance.

Also, have you tried it with ink for a number of days to make sure every thing holds up when the modified cartridge is pressurized?

Not yet as I actually have not yet glued the backplate, still waiting for some more comments, but I will for sure and let you know.

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To me, the biggest advantage of this modification is the ability to top fill as opposed to the filling method integrated into the small 80ml refillables. Since the modified carts extend a bit beyond the

80 ml carts, what gains in internal ink volume are attained?

I have done a top fill modification to both on my 80ml refillable cart sets for my two 3800s and so far it is working very well.

The positives are that I can top off the carts when needed and there is no resetting needed as the chips always read full. Since one never removes the carts, the outlet port seals are not exposed to the wear caused by removing and reinserting.

The negatives are that you can no longer fill to the top. Due to the location of the new fill plugs.

If I had to do it over again, I would forgo this mod.

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