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Re: D600 vs D800

D800 is a better camera simple as.

It's certainly not that simple. Potentially better image quality (basically down to extremely good resolution vs. ridiculous resolution) doesn't make a camera "better". I like to look at it this way: no camera at any point in the lineup is clearly "better" than another, even excluding price. For a camera to be "better", it has to match or exceed the other camera in all areas, and I don't think I can comfortably establish that relation between any two cameras in Nikon's lineup. However, there are some models that suit some people more than others. Some of those cost less, some cost more. I think that's pretty simple.

For example, the D4 vs. the D800...neither is clearly better. One prioritizes resolution, and the other prioritizes speed.

The D600 is closer to the resolution end than the speed end, but not as far over as the D800. It loses some 'pro' features (51 point AF, full magnesium alloy body, 1/8000s and 1/250s shutter, VF blind, press-ok-to-magnify), but gains some potentially useful characteristics (5.5 fps without having to crop, quieter shutter, U1/U2 modes, smaller/lighter, smaller files), and is of course cheaper.

This just applies to me: Is there an ideal camera for me? Yes. I would have gladly paid an extra $1000 for a D4 sensor inside a D600/800 body, capable of 7 or 8 fps without cropping, and with the 51 point AF system. Unfortunately, such a camera doesn't exist, and the D4 is just too expensive. I got the D600 because it was closest to what I wanted...even though it's still pretty far off.

Is it for everyone? of course not.

No camera is for everyone.

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