Paul C. Buff Einstein's... Durability/Longevity?

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Re: Paul C. Buff Einstein's... Durability/Longevity?

Mark A. Small wrote:

I've had b800s for years.  I shoot dance and when I use them I often have them fire 1500 to 3000 times in any single shoot.  Every time one of those flashes has begun to fail (they have never completely quit) I have sent them in and I don't think I have ever paid more than $35 to get them fixed and reconditioned.  They come back good as new.

I just bought an Einstein and it feels better made than my B800s.

I wouldn't worry about durability or longevity - put that energy into making art!

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its all about creating a place you can be yourself, and in an instant, allowing me to capture you as art...

What ^ said.  You can't go wrong with Buff stuff, because few companies stand behind their products and go that extra mile for outstanding customer service like they do.   So rest assured if your Einstein develops problems, PCB will make sure you are happy.

For example I ordered a 86" white PLM 'brolly and when I received it it had a small tear on a seam.  The next day I called PCB, and not only did they promptly send a replacement, they let me keep the defective one, which I repaired with a small piece of white fabric tape!  Two white 86" PLMS for the price of one!

Also, another consideration: PCB gear really holds their value well on the used market.  So if you get an Einstein, and not happy with it, you'll get pretty close to all yr. $$ back on the resale market.

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