Panasonic 100-300 vs. Olympus 75-300 II lens test

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I came here looking for this lens test and all I found were two blurry, low-contrast images.  If you are trying to convince that you shot those two images locked down on a stable tripod, then it's likely that something else is going on here.

1/15 is a notoriously poor shutter speed with telephotos on DSLRs because of mirror/shutter vibrations, but obviously that's not the case here, so only you can say why IQ is so poor.  I've seen far better images from both of those lenses at 300mm, but from the reviews I've read, including the newest ePhotozine review of the new Olympus 75-300 (see link below), 300mm is the weakest focal length by far on both of these lenses.

Anyway, there is no way you can conclude that one lens is superior to the other as both images are of unacceptable quality to evaluated much of anything.

I would think that the Olympus 70-300 is only of interest to Olympus users because of the lack of OIS, and since most buy such lenses to use them at the long end, either one will give good, but not great performance.

That said, the Panasonic is f4 at the short end and f5.6 at the long end, which is reason enough to prefer the Pany 100-300.

m43 has very good short to medium primes, but long telephotos are an extremely weak point of the system as no lens maker has yet to build a good telephoto prime, i.e. 300 f4 or 400 5.6. So as long as the only options are slow max aperture consumer telezooms, I can't imagine sports or wildlife shooters are going to gravitate to m43.

Good luck, and perhaps reshoot the test.

Cheers, and happy shooting, Markus

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