Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

Nukunukoo wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Nukunukoo wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Also to be charitable, I will not talk about the delusions some forum members seem to have, and get upset when all forum members don't share their delusions.

I may be wrong, but two or maybe three posters don't represent "all" in this forum.

Yes, some are upset if ALL forum members don't like X20, for them even two or three disenters are too much. That's how all back and forth arguments start here, some like uniform forum state of mind for all.

I'm sorry but your reply is obtuse. "when all" is not equivalent to "if all"... I'm not even being pedantic. Your explanation is esotherical at best, if not even close to subjective.

My explanation was obviously very good, otherwise there would be no "pedantic" reaction which proves I struck a nerve. A very sensitive one, it seems.

Not at all. It just raised confusion, antilogical confusion. I'm half Vulcan and half compulsive shopper. I must admit, I suck at confusion.

And "obviously" it is not, unless I was automagically shifted to an alternate forum, yes?



You trying to explain they are equivalent in a conversation is amusing at best. But I don't think it applies to this forum when people actually post real content and user experiences and relevant exchange of useful information. Everyone's a critic, that's why it's the cheapest job of all. But not everyone is a reviewer...


It is not only confusion you have trouble with, it is also comprehension. You still don't get what I was saying, but that's OK, being smitten with an X20 can create strange side effects.

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