User reviews, benefit or just distracting noise?

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Re: Reviewing the reviews

Scott Everett wrote:

Agreed, as the reality is that a user may post a user review about a product that many other owner do not agree with. Does that make that reviewer's experience invalid? At what point does subjective experience become debatable?

Obviously if a user simply states something factually impossible, I think it would be in the interest of the community to have a way to point that out. The problem is then how can that happen in a civil way, not an easy task.

Ordinarily, such a counter point (sometimes referred to as a "management response" ) is to be made only by the business in question, eg a camera manufacturer pointing out how and why a statement contains misleading, mistaken or down right false claims.

The problem then becomes; was the management response itself truthful.

Counter-counter claim has to be kept to an very restricted minimum, preferably none. Otherwise it just gets to be a slagging match. A reviewer can get around that by deleting the original review, causing the MR to go with it, and submitting another review (within a restricted time frame) taking into account any salient points made previously by the manufacturer.

Overall, reviews and forums should be kept apart.

It is these types of questions n(among many other raised in this thread) we're thinking over right now...

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