Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Mike CH wrote:

Why does a photographer need that information? What can he use it for? What is the practical use of that information? Basically, you are saying that some frame with 2/3 the image of another has more detail. How can I use that?

Lots of people need it, quite frequently.  What good is a nice, pixel-sharp FF image of a bird in the grass if the bird only has 100,000 out of 22 million pixels, if the other 21,900,000 pixels are all grass?  The crop of the bird from the top-notch FF sensor is a sick joke compared to what you could get with a 1/2.3" P&S sensor placed behind the same lens, both in terms of subject resolution, and noise visibility.  APS-c with higher pixel density than FF is just a small step in the right direction.

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