Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Mike CH wrote:

The way I understand you, you want to compare at the same focal length for both sizes (ie. ignoring image differences due to different crop factors). To me, when taking a photograph, that comparison is of very little interest, because the framing is too different.

This is the problem with monolithic concepts; there is more than 1 type of resolution, and there is much more to any kind of resolution than a single resolution, based on a single contrast threshold.  Then there is real resolution, and aliased "resolution".

A 36MP sensor can not possibly get the real (properly sampled) resolution of more than about 4 million transient objects (luminance objects; red or blue object resolution is 1/4 of that with a Bayer CFA).  Aliasing or spatial distortion will be minor maybe up to about 12MP, but beyond that, things get a bit flaky, and flaky is what we are accustomed to looking at, because we don't get to see better, except in comparisons that most people write off as "extreme", because we don't have fine displays (but finer ones seem to be around the corner - Panasonic is coming out with an 8MP 20" tablet; that would be 32MP at 40", and 72MP at 60").

Schmegg is talking about absolute sensor surface resolution, or resolution per unit of sensor area.  Others think of resolution as resolution per sensor.  It needs to be stated or at least established in context what type of resolution one is thinking of.

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