Threading wrist strap on S110

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Re: Threading wrist strap on S110

MBlasto wrote:

Floss = Genius. Great idea. It worked.

That's a hard corner for the cord to pass. Bad design.

The camera seems faster than the S100. I'm not sure of if it's $200 faster though.

BigTinVA wrote:

Tie a piece of dental floss around the end of the strap and use that to pull the strap through.

GREAT IDEA!!!! the floss worked.  However, I wanted to thread the right side, by the dial, but it still did not work with floss.  After spending one hour of my life, that I won't get back, attempting to thread the right side, I successfully threaded the left side.  Being right handed, I thought this would bug me.  To my surprise, I prefer the left handed strap as it frees my right hand.  I use two hands anyway to secure my camera.  Extra caution is needed with this little one as it could easily be dropped since it is smaller than my cell phone.

It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to thread the camera strap through this camera.

Just purchased this camera yesterday and I'm really liking it.  The price came down some and I needed a quality compact system to supplement my larger DSLR.

This extensive review was the tipping point in making this purchase.

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