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Re: Again, I am using only one point for these

m_appeal wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

m_appeal wrote:

I never use continuous unless I'm photographing moving subjects.  Problem solved.

So what do you use continuous for? What is supposed to be used for?

Sports, birds in flight, kids running at the camera.  For critical focus portrait work where I have to nail the eyes I never use it.  Nor do I use it for product shots where I want to have precise control of the focus zone...nor for landscapes, or architecture, for the same reason.

Well  if your hand moves ever so slightly if you are using AF-S  for portraits, then you are going to miss focus.

If you use continuous you are going to miss critical focus on the eyes.  Continuous can't be trusted, IME.

Af-C  single point is supposed to help mitigate that problem...Also this particular subject didn't even move that much! I don't see how yo are going to rely on nailing portraits in AF-S if you are taking photos on the fly as opposed to controlled conditions.

Always do and always have.  Use focus lock and reframe most of the time too.  Sometimes I move the focus point so I don't have to swing the camera as far but the eye rarely falls directly under one of the focus points so reframing is almost always necessary.

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