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aftab wrote:

I am back after trying Photo Ninja on about 200 pictures. I am back because I didn't do justice to Photo Ninja in my original post. It is much more powerful and flexible than I originally thought. In my OP I talked about it's awesome highlight recovery feature. Now I want to tell you about some other features I discovered since then.

Exposure and detail:

You can select how you want a RAW file to open, you can select several presets and adjustments as default including a Neutral preset. In all cases PN recovers highlight at the time of opening a file. So, you don't need to spend time on highlight recovery. After you open a file there are some very innovative ways you can make further adjustments. They are easy to use and very powerful. In addition PN has a 'Detail' slider which increases local contrast without any halo. It is far more effective than anything I have used. Now I am discovering detail in my pictures I didn't know even existed. Few examples.

A late afternoon shot with beautiful golden light. Exposed to right to capture the detail in the dark areas under the bridge. Before I tried to process it with LR and CS, the results were okay, but didn't look like what I saw with my eyes.

RAW without any adjustment

PN in less than 30 secs. See how the trees came alive with better detail, couldn't do it with LR.

My attempt using LR4.4

Couldn't do what with LR?
The original has burned out highlights and sky.
I think the PN example looks underexposed, whereas the one above shows highlight detail and considerably more shadow detail. This took a couple of minutes using "Auto" exposure and a bit of highlight and shadow sliders, plus a small amount of sharpening.

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