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I love the IS

happysnapper64 wrote:

David Pastern wrote:

3) longer lenses are heavier.  They also require a higher minimum shutter speed to avoid camera shake.

4) IS is a waste with macro imho.

Dave, I respect your opinion, & in a number of cases I do find that my 3yr old second hand 100mm f/2.8 Canon non IS, does a great job hand held, as long as I keep the SS well up. As I have a slight tremmor in my hands, I would welcome the use of IS on many occasions, especially if the objects I seek are somewhat hidden in the foilage of a bush or hedge etc, where they are in shade. Most who don't have my problem will probably manage without IS though.

In my Canon EF 100mm L IS macro.  I used the Canon EF 100mm and EFS 60mm for several years (the 60mm was my walkaround) and don't regret trading them for the 100L.  I find the IS is very useful. I rarely use a tripod so the hand-held keeper rate is much improved with the IS.

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