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Re: 2 examples - Maybe the light isn't the issue alone?

m_appeal wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

m_appeal wrote:

I suppose it's not the best target for AF to work... but it seems to be the same problem as with the portrait shots - the camera just picks whatever contrasty area it wants as opposed to the point  selected.

I see enough difference in the framing of the two shots (camera moved between shots) to account for the difference in location of the AF point in the top two blowups.

So, I don't see any indication that the camera chose a different AF point. It just looks like one image is front focused.

Not sure what you are trying to say. The camera obviously did move...  I just posted the shot where correct focus was achieved to demonstrate the difference. I'm not sure of the relevance fo the difference between the 2.... it's not consistent "front focus". either way the focus is off.

I thought you were trying to show that the focus point moved. I don't think you can say whether the camera chose another AF point, or just misfocused. The vertical part of the chair being in focus might just be a coincidence.

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