Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

thenewcameraguy wrote:

Went to a camera Store today they don't carry nikon or sony but every other brands. The sales guy showed me X-E1 Fuji and he said it's better than nex 6 and it competes with nex 7 and beats nex 7 and I also went to Sony store to see the Nex 6 and 7. Do you guys think Fuji X-E1 competes with nex 7 and it's better? Iknow Fuji is expensive than both nex so does that makes it better? And the sales guy also told me sony has 5 lenses and they won't release more lens after Thier full frame nex. Is that True? I don't want to buy nex cameras and be stuck with 5 lenses. Either way if I end up with nex I will only have 3 lenses the most. If the sales guy statements are true I'll get Fuji. Please share what you guys think?

Well. What is "better"? My view:

+ better sensor, better lenses, best IQ, best JPEGs out there I think
- Few lenses, lagging EVF, no tiltable display, no touchscreen, I think no Focus peaking, no zoom lenses, no good at video, ratherhigh price, sensor RAW about still not usable on all software, AF still not as good as some other ILCs.

+ very good ergonomics with primes and small zooms, reasonable to good video, more lenses to choose from, very good with manual focus lenses, good price, excellent EVF,
- So-so JPEgs, overheating NEX7 video, lenses as good as Fuji's, video not the best out there, not so good with long zooms I think (but better than Fuji's if they ever come), hyrbid AF on NEX6 seems good.

If you are a photopurist and you can live with the current lens lineup of Fuji I tend to agree with salesman. It is probably the best cam out there for quite a few people with that in mind.
If you want manual focus lenses, also like video, like to shoot at more awkward angles more easily and want to zoom too, I think the Sony has a clear edge.

A salesman that starts to talk about cams based on his own preference is not very usefull. I think he should go through all your possible needs and then come up with advice directed to YOUR needs, not his personal preference. Also, I know of quite some shops in NL that get a bonus from companies if they sell that brand. Indeed, they always (I mean always) try to talk customers into that brand. I have witnessed this more than once and some of the ex-employees confirm this. This will happen all over the world. The best way to get some proper advice is to inform yourself before you go into a shop. You can also check if a ssalesperson is telling you something true or false...Good luck on your purchase!

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