Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Re: You might be asking the wrong question

captura wrote:

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captura wrote:

The older NEX kit lens, the 18-55 which was made in Thailand had a lot of sample variation. The newer made-in-Japan black lenses are supposed to have better quality control. I wonder if there will be a Made-in-Japan version of the 16-50.

Says who ?

And what sample variation ? There's been a busy thread some time ago about about 1855 sample variation, and all the shots posted showed nothing , as they were of the same quality as the OP's here , and just as random .

You must be the only poster in all the forums who denies the existence of sample variation, especially in cheap kit lenses. It eventually became acknowledged amongst reular members that the 18-55 suffered from considerable sample variation. I am fortunate in having a very good example.

I'm not denying there is sample variation with many lenses, of not most of them, but I don't think anybody has ever delivered any proof for it re. the 1855 .

It's getting mentioned a lot, it is likely to exist, but there is no test, no review, that supports the claim - at least none that I know of.

The above mentioned topic was just another example of people not understanding even the most basic parameters for comparing or testing lens performance , much less the impact of software correction .

Speaking of reviews, I'm wondering if there ever will be one of the 1650 ...

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