105mm f/2 DC. Love it!

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Re: 105mm f/2 DC. Love it!

MichaelK81 wrote:

Been shooting with the 85mm f/1.4G for the past two years with stellar results, but the contrast in the bokeh was always a bit too high for my taste.  I've sampled the 135mm f/2 DC, but it's a bit of a long reach, if you catch my drift.  The 105mm is perfect though!  Who would've thought a lens over a decade old would deliver such creamy bokeh on the D4 against the latest and greatest of lenses!  Definitely not a lens for the ill trained, but in the right hands, it can do magic.  And its flare control, unreal!  Not posting any before-and-afters, just spreading praise.  And the built-in hood with velvet inner lining, who does that these days?! Bravo Nikon.


Some lovely shots there, thanks for sharing.  Not sure why people are surprised at the quality of older lenses.  This is why they are holding their value obviously, I am not in a position to get one of those, but have a few other older lenses that work very well indeed. And on Flickr I see so many using some, even Russian lenses, with great effect and absolutely beautiful images.

New does not mean better and the older lenses work just as well with digital, contrary to some claims.

The DC's. 105 1.8 and 105 2.5 are all lovely lenses, also all of the 85mm's. The 105  2.5 seems only to be lower priced because Nikon made so many.

Even the old 85mm 1.8 MF is not cheap considering one can get a new Samyang 85mm 1.4 MF for roughly the same money as a used Nikkor 85mm 1.8 MF (which is why I aim for the Samyang, a lovely lens both from a rendition viewpoint, shown side by side vs Nikkor 85mm 1.4 G in a few image comparisons I have seen and also rated highly on DXO Mark.. for $329 or so its a steal.)

One other thing in my humble opinion. Those old lenses were made when more effort and care was spent on materials and manufacture, if anything they may be better material wise i.e. glass, which is what counts, along with manufacturing tolerances.

I am only a newish amateur, but can appreciate the quality I see in images from people using these lenses.

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