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Re: D600 vs D800

24 vs 36 megapixels - i'm thinking not really relevant as 24 is more than enough and on the rare occasion you may want to print a huge canvas you can simply buy something like genuine fractals and upsize.

Having more pixels to play with is always a good thing, and the D800's sensor doesn't appear to lose anything (in terms of noise) to the 24 MP sensor. While you can upsize a 24 MP image to 36 MP, it's impossible to pull out detail that wasn't captured in the first place.

39 vs 51 AF points - from what i gather this is an issue if you shoot in very low indoor light, but if you believe what is circulating on the internet the new firmware has improved this.

I don't know how the D800 performs, but when tracking motion in low light with a fast lens mounted, the D600 has trouble. By low light, I mean ISO 2000, f/1.4, 1/50s. AF does lock and track, but the hit rate is very low.

It's awesome in even slightly better light, though. And hit rate improves a lot if I use the 80-200/2.8 AF-S instead of the 50/1.4. It's also better with a 300/2.8 AF-I. Maybe the screw drive 50/1.4 lens just isn't as good for motion tracking.

1/4000th max shutter speed - The D700 has 1/8000 with base ISO of 200 and no one complained about that, so i can't see the D600 having 1/4000 with ISO 100 base being a problem as it's effectively the same thing.

I've shot my 50/1.4 wide open in broad daylight, using ISO 50 and ISO 100. I don't see it as a big problem, although a higher shutter speed is always nice.

1/200 flash sync - I doubt the average photographer who fits within the above category would ever be caused a problem by the 1/50 reduction.

Set DX crop mode, and use a flash that the camera can't properly communicate with. Sync at 1/400s without shutter curtain shadowing!

You can also set it to sync at 1/250s (without crop) if you feel like. But if 1/200s is not sufficient, 1/250s probably won't be either.

Magnesium front plate - i don't think many people will be hanging any HUGE lenses off their D800 nor subjecting the body to a lot of "professional" physical abuse.

I regularly hang a 300mm f/2.8 AF-I off the front plate of my D600. The old AF-I version is actually slightly heavier than the latest VR versions (no weight saving with magnesium alloy, and metal hood instead of carbon fiber). I haven't had any problems with it so far. I also use a 80-200/2.8 AF-S quite often, and that lens is also a tiny bit heavier than the latest VR versions. Again, the D600 handles it with no problems.

Of course, when I'm shooting with a heavy lens, I'm using my left hand to hold the lens up. Trying to level a 6.5 pound lens without supporting the lens seems like a recipe for disaster. Even if you could do it, it wouldn't be very stable.


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