Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

Overall the Nex 6 is a bit more responsive than the XE1 but I find the XE1 fine. The Fuji has had 2 firmware updates in the last several months and both have upgraded the AF. I don't find the AF an issue. But then I am not using the camera for action shots. Then again the Nex may not be totally comfortable with fast action shots. I am sure I could use either for that with a bit of prediction on the shot.

The real differences are the Fuji is quite a bit better in low light high ISO low noise, it has an ooc jpeg which is more appealling more often and it has nice menus and controls that are very user friendly. It also has very high quality lenses that are outstanding. Plus an appeal from its retro styling that may not be for everyone but appeals to a lot. Video is poor.

The Nex is a technologically advanced do anything type of camera with every conceivable piece of tech in it and does everything very well in a modern pacakage that is very small. Video is great.

Both are good cameras.

The bottomline is the Fuji is more of the photographers camera due to straight image quality and better lenses. It is also a more engaging photographic experience to use. But a Nex 6 with a Zeiss 24 - well I don't know. It certainly would be close.

For me if I had to choose between the 2 it is clear I would pick the Fuji. But that's for my use and my tastes. I do like my Nex. Its just I think the Fuji is the better photographic instrument.


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